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Datapath Ltd.

Datapath products are used throughout the world, we provide video capture cards, graphics cards and other forms of digital solutions for video wall.

We are a leading innovator in the field of computer graphics and video wall display technology; covering multiple industries such as visual media, military, education, security and health care.

Continuously developing the technology within our product ranges, we are able to provide outstanding solutions. Previously winning the Queens Award for International Trade in 2005, Datapath have now proven continuous innovation to old and new products by winning the prestigious Queens Award for Innovation 2011.

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Graphic Cards

Graphics Cards

Datapath's graphics cards allow you to use high quality visuals on video walls of various sizes, presenting a clear image on a high number of screens at the same time, multi-card installations for PCI systems supporting 64 displays and PCI Express up to 40 displays.

Our graphics card range provides hardware support for multi-screen solutions, ideal for applications in industries such as control rooms, video walls and high end digital signage.

The graphics cards are PCI or PCI Express compatible support for HD, SD, DVI and RGB video overlays, with a maximum resolution of 4 x 1920x1200 x 32bit. The Image4 graphics card operates with low power providing versatility with a wide range of motherboards.

Gen-locking is used to tie the outputs of the graphics cards together so that they all render their outputs to screen at the same time. This makes fast moving images appear smoother on the video wall and eliminates 'tearing' artifacts on the display.

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Capture Cards

Capture Cards

Datapath have developed a broad range of captures cards for display walls, medical imaging, machine vision, video conferencing, distance learning and video streaming.

These video capture cards offer HD capture or HDMI capture capabilities as well as a number of high resolution video capture modes including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, dual-link DVI, RGB, VGA and Composite; for Analogue video and SD.

Used in conjunction with Datapath graphics cards, these capture cards offer great performance for multiscreen solutions and video walls. Captured input sources from single or multi-channel capture cards, can be positioned and sized anywhere across the multi-screen display.

Whether you are looking for a video capture solution for streaming, recording or presentation applications we'll have a solution for your needs. With requirements for high quality capture cards continuously increasing, Datapath is responding by offering new improved products at regular intervals.

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Wall Controllers

Wall Controllers

Datapath supply multi-display video wall controllers to OEM partners, these controllers are capable of integrating any types of video and data sources on any display configuration. Datapath offers complete solutions, sub systems and components for any wall controller needs.

Our display controllers are used in variety of different areas such as traffic control centres, telecom operations facilities, utility companies, security applications and in entertainment settings.

We provide highly expandable and flexible solutions for video wall and multi-display applications, using Datapath's latest generation of video capture cards and graphics cards. WallControl-red is a Datapath Windows application enabling easy configuration and set up of your video wall controller.

Datapath's expertise at a system level gives our customers benefits such as great time performance, low latency, optimised thermal management and a complete set of video solutions including analogue, digital and compressed video streams.

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