Quant for Control Centres
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Quant for Control Centres

The security and flexibility of Quant makes it ideal for a wide range of working environments.

Operation critical control rooms benefit from using Quant to allow the seamless sharing of information. Video wall content can be accessed by users in different locations, allowing for better informed decisions and faster response times.

How Quant Business Collaboration works

How it works

Quant has been designed to work seamlessly with Datapath wall controllers, allowing the instant sharing to Datapath video walls.

Any shared application windows can be automatically displayed or be treated as an independent source with WallControl 10.

Physical sources connected to Datapath controllers can be streamed using Quant to any users on the network, meaning users who are remote-based can access the same video wall content.


Multiple ways to share

Share with

Sharing instantly with one or more users to view or make edits

wallcontrol 10 enabled

This allows WallControl 10 sources to be accessed through Quant and for applications shared by Quant to be available as a source in WallControl 10

peer-to-peer networking

All communication stays behind a firewall and allows the clients within the same network to collaborate directly (collaboration without the cloud)

fully tested

Software has been running in 24/7 environments for more than 3 years. Ideal for control and operation centres


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Datapath has a large network of distributors and resellers across the World.


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