VSN Micro 600

VSNMicro 600 Video Wall Controller

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The VSNMicro 600 platform is fully customisable with options available for different Intel processors, hard drive sizes and specifications, memory configurations and software choices. The system has a small footprint and has been designed to be very quiet for deployment in areas that would not support a standard sized wall controller chassis.

Customisation Options

Many Customisation Options

WallControl 10 Software

Compatible with Datapath's WallControl 10 Software

Intel Core Processor

Intel Core i5 or i7 Options

Small footprint, big performance

The VSNMicro 600 platform comprises a high performance motherboard which is connected to Datapath's Express6 PCIe backplane, this backplane contains six half length PCIe slots for use with Datapath's range of cards.

VSN Micro 600

Available with a range of options including a high performance industrial grade motherboard, Intel processors, DDR4, memory and ATX or RSPU power supplies the VSNMicro 600 is designed to pack much of the same punch as the larger VSN systems.

Considerable engineering expertise has been applied to ensure the system has a smaller footprint and has been designed to ensure quiet performance, making it ideal for installations where space and sound is a premium, such as outside the server room and in more public areas.


Compatible with Datapath's portfolio of Vision capture, Image graphics and ActiveSQX IP decoding cards, customers can build systems that include a large number of video inputs and IP streams that can quickly and easily be delivered to a large, multi-screen video wall.


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Windows 10

Download Manuals

Intel Core Processor

Download Applications & Drivers


Datapath’s VSN video wall controllers have been designed for use in demanding control room environments. Each component has been rigorously tested to ensure high levels of performance and reliability.

For added piece of mind, systems can be pre-installed with Wall Monitor software.

Wall Monitor is an application that warns operators if a system begins to function outside of normal parameters. Alarms can be set to indicate changes in voltage and temperature.

Wall Monitor

Wall Monitor

Datapath’s Wall Monitor software allows users to closely monitor system temperatures and be alerted should a system temperature reach critical levels. The ability to create custom alerts means users can ensure operational system temperatures in a variety of environments.


Wall Control 10 Compatible

WallControl 10 provides users with interface required to quickly and effectively manage content that include video captures, IP streams and local applications.

Users are able to place any input source on any part of the video wall using a simple drag and drop operation. Precise positioning of each piece of content can be achieved through the mouse and keyboard, or via the revolutionary template tool.

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Vision Range

Compatible with Vision Capture Cards

The Vision range are an industry leading capture cards and are ideal for use with VSN video wall controllers. Datapath have developed a sizeable portfolioof capture cards. Ranging from 4K capture, to small profile cards, Datapath have a solution to meet all requirements.

Whether you are looking for a video capture solution for streaming, recording or presenting, we have a solution to suit your needs. With requirements for high quality capture cards increasing and market demands continuously changing, Datapath have a track record of responding by offering innovative products to meet market expectation.

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