Products Summary

+ Graphics Cards

Our graphics card range provides hardware support for multi-screen solutions, ideal for applications in industries such as control rooms, video walls and high end digital signage.

The graphics cards are PCI or PCI Express compatible providing support for DisplayPort, HDMI, HD, SD, DVI and RGB video overlays. They can provide either four 2560x1600 outputs at 60 fps, or two 3840x2160p outputs at 30 fps.

+ Video Capture Cards

Datapath’s Vision range of capture cards support a variety of video modes including Single or dual-link DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, RGB, Component YPbPr, Composite video and S-Video.

They provide high performance DMA to system memory or direct to graphics memory with scatter gather, allowing for low latency fast frame rates in all applications. Datapath’s capture cards support 16 simultaneous streams which independently can be configured with scale factors, colour spaces and frame rate clients. The Datapath capture cards have timestamp support for capture synchronisation across inputs, cards and systems.

+ SQX Products

SQX is Datapath's collective name for video streaming & compression technologies.

Datapath's SQX products open up a world of possibilities for video delivery, transmission and storage; whilst maintaining the ability to easily scale projects from the management of a single stream to full inclusive systems that accommodate a wide array of inputs and outputs streaming, from a variety of sources to a number of destinations.

+ Multi-Display Products

Build dynamic video walls, small or large, with the Datapath x4 and dL8.

The Datapath x4 display controller accepts a standard single or dual-link DVI-D input and can flexibly display this across four DVI-I outputs. The dL8 is a 1U rack mount, eight output, distribution amplifier for high resolution dual-link DVI signals. It has a fully programmable EDID to graphics source, allowing simple control of resolution and frame rate.

+ Wall Controller Systems

Datapath supply video wall controller systems to OEM partners, these controllers are capable of integrating any types of video and data sources on any display configuration.

Datapath offers complete solutions, subsystems and components for any wall controller needs.

+ System Components

From time to time you may require extra components to help you with your system needs.

Datapath supply connectors and expansion kits; also recommends a range of third party motherboards.

+ Accessories & Cables

Selection of cables and accessories recommended by Datapath for use with their product portfolio of video capture cards, graphics cards and video swtich cards

Where to buy

Datapath has a large network of distributors and resellers across the World.

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T: +44 (0)1332 294 441

Where to buy

Datapath has a large network of distributors and resellers across the World.


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